We are early investors who support top entrepreneurs

At MLTPLY we support top Insurtech entrepreneurs by funding at pre-seed and seed from $25k to $5MM and accelerate innovation through access to operational infrastructure, insurance product delivery, fronting and reinsurance capacity. If you are interested on what MLTPLY can do for your business click on get funded.


MLTPLY is focused on investment that will accelerate delivery of early stage companies in the market. We seek to partner with startups that have the potential to transform the insurance and financial services industries. We invest in early stage organizations, typically early/seed investment, and possess capital flexibility to deploy both operational and financing capital to support the launch of new company.

  • Commercial Fleet & Modern Mobility
    Provide services for consumers or businesses utilizing new types of mobility, vehicle, connectivity and telematics.
  • Digital Risk Exposure - Cyber + others
    Protect businesses and consumers from new and evolving digital risks and attacks by delivery modern platforms capable of proactive protection.
  • Digital Infrastructure
    Invest in the advancing infrastructure behind the insurance and financial services industries in the areas of underwriting, data & analytics, IoT, alternative distribution and more.
  • Property
    Helping consumers and Businesses protect and manage their most valuable assets through alternative coverage, data and other offerings in the homeowner and BOP space.
  • Complex Insurance Needs
    Deliver product and services to help consumer protect assets in areas where coverage is difficult to find like coastal property and flood risk areas.
  • Small and medium sized business
    Enhance current products and solutions that protect small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and take friction out of the value chain while helping them operate efficiently.

Aimed at seed-stage companies that are solving small businesses’ and consumers’ protection and insurance needs in areas of property and casualty, MLTPLY will place a special focus on companies where technology and coverage are key areas of innovation, including telematics, new data, new markets, complex markets, and non-admitted offerings that need technology scale.


Our entire team have been entrepreneurs or early employees at early stage startups and is built to support you on your entrepreneurial journey. In addition to our Investment Team, our Insurtech experts will be dedicate to your success.